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The non-restriction approach for a happy journey

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Dreams come true when you wake up and work for them.

In this modern life where distractions, hobbies and quick pleasures are at hand, it’s easy to leave our plans on hold. However, we must learn to show up for ourselves and take control of the outcome.

Discipline always beats talent. We can be the best at what we do, but it will not matter much if we don’t put on the work. So where to begin?

The guilty pleasures

We all have bad habits. The good news is we don’t need to kill them. Those things you love to do can still…

From someone who’s getting out of depression

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“The Buddha’s main thesis was that in a world where everything is constantly changing, we suffer because we cling to things that won’t last.”
Dan Harris, 10% Happier

Let the seasons pass through you

We all wish we could be evergreen; always productive and ready to jump into the next task. But that’s not how life works. Even nature has its seasons. We should be honest with ourselves to acknowledge and accept the season we’re in.

It’s amazing to feel all-mighty, just like it’s okay not to be okay. In your life’s peaks, be there. …

Has 2020 left you in a funk? You’re not the only one

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2020 has taken its toll on all of us. Statistically, mental health issues have arisen since lockdown began. For me, it’s been depression, which then led me to writer’s block. After five months of avoiding the truth, I faced the matter and did something about it.

I got professional help. I did some research and surrounded myself with incredibly inspiring content; now that I feel great again, let me share with you what I’ve learned.

Response vs React

When we find ourselves in a mental state that makes us uncomfortable, we…

Failure, writer’s block, and silver linings

Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

I went MIA for the last month. A little sad, a little lost… I needed time to pick myself from the ground and shake off the dust. Here’s the story:

When I was a teenager, I realized there were stories trapped in my head. People, places, and plots that sparkled in my mind. Curious, I started writing them down on the last page of my notebooks. Then, when technology allowed it, I shared them online. …

Don’t you worry, child, you’re doing great!

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Success has not passed you by. It doesn’t matter who you are, your age, your background, or the expectations anyone has placed on you. Success is just around the corner, you still have time to achieve everything.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” — George Elliot

I know you’re doing your incredible best, and that’s all you need. Success will come when it has to. If you can dream it, you can do it. Don’t lose your patience, hold tight onto that dream. …

Free or cheaper, sometimes even better

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

We all know Grammarly. They flooded the internet with very effective ads, resulting in one of the fastest-growing education apps out there. However, not all of us learned to love it. In my case, is about money. In my country, you could consider it quite expensive. And I’m not yet that financially free.

However, it takes a little burst of our bubble to see the greater picture. After some research, I gathered great options to substitute Grammarly in my daily writing tasks. Perhaps you’d like to give them a try:


This is my favorite…

Fresh air, warm hearts… how?

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

I can’t remember the first time I felt eager for love.

But I’m certain I was wrong. My idea of it was completely mistaken. However, I like to believe it was not my fault.

Growing up, society failed me. It failed all of us. The constant misrepresentation of so many concepts has built the mess we’re living in. Physically, mentally, emotionally… and we’re left with ourselves to discover the world through our tears.

First of all, love does not hurt. I wish I had known it earlier. …

It’s funny how love mends everything, even what it broke.

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

Eulalia, that’s her name. Eh-oo-la-lee-ah. She was born in the mid-thirties, a rather difficult time. The unstableness left by the messy Mexican revolution seemed to be reflected in the eyes of her generation.

She was born with pale skin, dark hair, and chocolate eyes; and she owned her features and turned herself into a thin figure that held a quiet strength.

This strength got her through a childhood marked by an extremely strict mother, and the inability to do other things apart from working in her family’s crops. …

The year that we might had been waiting for.

Photo by Jack Sloop on Unsplash

Last January 1st we all welcomed 2020 with the best of hopes, thinking how great of a number it looked like. If you have a friend who’s into numerology and astral charts -or if you’re a friend who’s into that kind of thing, like me-, then you probably knew that great things were to come.

Restructuring of values, ideals, and justice; those were the words that numerous websites and blogs used to describe 2020, back in late 2019. …

*Sings ‘I Want to Break Free’ by Queen*

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

It’s been almost five months since I first joined Medium. Great stories dragged me in, the chance to share my own made me stay. And as all of the writers in this platform, I’ve set my hopes high, dreaming of the day I can make a living out of my words.

I believe it is achievable, I know hard work is going to get me there.

However, during these past months, I forgot how to write the way I love to do.

Here’s the thing: during my first month, I consumed every single article there is about how to succeed…

Elisa Álvarez

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